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Our team is currently working on live projects until the end of Q2/Q3 of 2018. We may be a little slower than usual responding to new sales inquiries.
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We have a minimum spend of £15,000 + VAT per platform (excluding backend systems).  The average small to medium project is typically around £30,000 to £50,000 + VAT.

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The average small/medium project tends to start at around £15,000 (ex VAT) per platform (excluding backend systems). If you are unsure about your budget, we can advise you on the ballpark costs once we know more about the project.

As a typical example: if you need an iOS app, an Android app and some sort of back-end system developing (i.e. a database and an API), a sensible ballpark would be somewhere between £30,000 and £50,000 + VAT, but would depend on the scale and functionality of the project.  Larger projects with lots of functionality could run up to over £100,000 + VAT. If you are a startup, we always recommend a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach and a single platform to prove your market before committing to a larger project.
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Privacy & Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy

A non-disclosure agreement is available after an initial discussion to ensure there are no conflicts of interest with our existing projects/clients. Please note that we also have an unsolicited idea submission policy (, so please don't use this form to send any information that is highly confidential/commercially sensitive/not under NDA.

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